Tuesday, May 23, 2006 


I feel like laughing really hard today. I am frustrated and I want to laugh out in extreme frustration. Just as I am trying to control the rage and anger I feel on the reservation policy, I get to hear news of a different kind. But both of them tell the same tale about my country and its politics.

The second story is on BJP, the party that ruled our country for 5 years and let Gujarat riots happen. I happen to read a piece of news on rediff which says BJP has banned the release of 'Fannah' in Gujarat. And this doesn’t stop here... Now, they have asked the government to ban the film altogether.

And all this for what reason??? Well, in a country, where freedom of speech is one of the fundamental rights, Aamir Khan is being reprimanded for voicing out his support for the Narmada Bachao Andolan team.

U know what frustrates me the most.... that we pride ourselves for being a secular, open society where all people are treated equally. And in the same vein, we do things which are not only anti openness and anti secular but also make a sheer mockery of the entire system. There are so many instances I can quote which have left me angry, frustrated, upset and bewildered but thought this was it, things will get better.

But each passing day, my belief in my government (not that I had much) is fading. So much so, that I am almost at the point of no return.

This may be a small issue considering the fact that we are facing such a huge challenge but think about it. Isn’t it ironic that we choose our government to make out lives better, to remove poverty, to provide good education to all and instead of focusing on that, our esteemed politicians use the precious parliament time in debating issues which can only be termed as 'INANE'

But then, they don’t care. When they don’t care a damn about our doctors staying hungry for days, when they don’t care about the future of this country, when they don’t care that they are dividing the country into pieces, I am certain they don’t give a damn to Aamir Khan, Deepa Mehta, Dan Brown, Salman Rushdie, the Danish Cartoonist, you, me etc, etc.

The list just goes on and on…

Saturday, May 13, 2006 


When I saw this picture in today's newspaper, it disturbed me a bit to see my fellow citizens facing such a stiff reaction from policemen but at the same time I felt proud of being in something together and fighting for something which we feel so passionate about.

As our politicians get ready to divide our country into pieces, we the youth of this country are getting together to ensure that this greedy bunch doesn’t succeed. Chances are, they still might, in the name of democracy and even though I dread the day, this ruling will get implemented, somewhere I feel united with all the Indians who are slowly but surely getting together to fight this menace called politics.

When politicians talk about equal rights and opportunities for all, I really want to ask each one of them and that includes Mr. Arjun Singh as to how many times have they stepped out of their comfort zone and tried to understand the problems we feel(Barring their campaign visits in their respective constituencies).

I want to ask Mr. Arjun Singh, how much effort has he made to understand the education system, where it is headed to and where all he needs to work upon. I want to ask him what all steps have been taken to ensure quality primary education for all of the Indians. I want to ask him how he thinks quota will help when, majority of the minority community finds it tough to even get through their first few years in school? I also want to ask how India has so far benefited from the previous quotas that were implemented.

If he is able to answer even 50% of my questions, I might be able to(might) understand the decision he has taken but I doubt he or even our PM, Mr. Manmohan Singh will have any answers. Right now, they are too busy to find ways to stay in power for as long as they can. For them, the welfare of the common man means nothing. They came to power to ensure that they stay there, make millions and ensure a comfortable life for their next 3-4 generations.

And by the looks of it, they are on the road to success. But that won’t stop me or those who feel disappointed in the entire system fighting for our rights because we don’t want to get used to a more mediocre life than what we already have.

We deserve better because we are slated to become an economic superpower. And when that day arrives, we want to see the progress on road, in villages, in each and every home and not just on paper.

As Prasoon Joshi penned it so beautifully...... kee aag hai mujhmein kaheen....

Thursday, May 11, 2006 

Dream a little dream....

Since I have got lots of hate mails for writing whiny stuff ever so often, I have decided to write about stuff which is not so whiny. And the funniest part is that I don’t even drink wine(bad one)...

So, I decided to write about dreams. Why dreams?? That’s because they are an integral part of my life. They make me laugh, sometimes smile, sometimes scared and most of the times they do nothing to me.

The scary dreams have nothing to do with the recent movies made by Ram Gopal Verma. Infact there are 4 kinds of dreams which scare the shit out of me. First, that I am falling off a huge building, second that I am stuck in a cave and I cant find my way out, third, where I am trying to run and my legs are just not moving. and 4th and the scariest of the lot, that I have an exam tomorrow and I don’t even know the syllabus. Does it sound familiar or is it just me who wakes up with sweat on my forehead and then gets so relived to know that it was just a dream.

May be it has to do with my years in School and college where I used to be in a similar situation (never this bad but bad enough) quite often and then would manage to somehow get decent enough marks. May be it had to do with the fact that I am really talented and a true genius.

But during the exam days, when I really wanted to just play cricket the whole day long have left a scar on my psyche. So much so that now at times when I get depressed about getting old, the one thing that charges me up is the fact that I dont have to study anymore.

Strange but true how people find little joys out of nothing....

Wednesday, May 03, 2006 

Bijlee aur paani, humaree dilii key yahee kahani.

I am back with some more cribbing, some more whining because thats what I enjoy doing the most. Just kidding, but only about the enjoyment bit.

Why I do it is easy to explain. More so, when every nite, just as I am ready to hit the bed, electricity starts to play games with me. It teases me, irritates me and ensures that by the end of it, I get so tired of the rage and anger I feel, that I just fall off to sleep.

After being restless all nite, I wake up in the morning and I am told to take a bath with whatever water is available. This basically means ‘one bucket’. At least the concept of taking a shower doesn’t exist in my house.

Its 8 and I am still at work. Called home and got to know there is no electricity. At least, there is at work. I have been trying to figure out ways and means to deal with these problems. May be I should wear shorts to sleep. Then what do I do about the mosquitoes?? May be I should open all the windows of the house and sleep? But then what do I do about the daily dust storm?? May be I shouldn’t sleep at all but then that’s what happens anyway.

Dealing with the water problem doesn’t have any solution. I need to have a bath everyday. Not for anybody else but myself. May be I shouldn’t drink 8 glasses of it everyday even though its supposed to be good for my health. May be I should not vote next time when there are elections.

May be I should stop cribbing now because I am not getting anywhere with it. May be you guys can help me by sending some suggestion. I am sure u guys face a similar situation since all of us stay in the CAPITAL of this country.

Hai kuch idea????

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