Monday, June 29, 2009 


They called him a child molester, weirdo (whacko jacko, ha!), abnormal, monkey face, a complete lunatic. And now, after he is dead and gone, they only want him to be remembered as the greatest musician of all times. What they forget though is that he was and always be the greatest musician of all times. A legend. The one and only Michael Jackson.

I am saddened by his death. Infact i feel it more as the time goes by. There are too many memories of my teenage years attached to his music. Infact i can safely say that he was the reason I got into english music and stayed in it. And I like zillions of his other fans was looking forward to his comeback tour with loads of excitement and a bit of nervousness given it was after ages he was going to be performing. Alas, it wasnt meant to be and now we can only wonder how it would have been.

I still remember buying every album of his on the day of its launch, watching each and every video of his and trying to remember the lyrics of all his songs (must confess, couldn’t get all of it but what the heck...he sounded awesome), fighting with my friends over all the allegations he faced and defending him like a professional lawyer. I still remember trying to do the moonwalk and failing miserably every single time, having teary eyes while listening to 'Will u be there" or getting goose bumps while watching him perform on "Billy Jean". And of course who can forget "The Thriller? It scared the shit out of all of us but man, did that ever stop us from watching? Singing "bad" completely out of tune, dancing to "the way you make me feel", going crazy over "black or white", always regretting not watching his mumbai concert, getting a bit disappointed after listening to "the invincible" but knowing he would come back bigger and better.

He is gone now and what we are left with are those memories and the wonderful music he created. While the media scrutinizes him even further in his death, we can only remember him for his greatness, his rare genius and loads of talent. He touched the lives of zillions. Of those who knew his music and even those who didn’t. He was the last of his kinds.

He spent the last few years in great pain and eventually died a sad, cruel death. Let’s all now spare a moment and pray for his soul to finally rest in peace. The man deserves every bit of it. RIP MJ.

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