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Tuesday, April 15, 2008 

Mind of a 31 year old

I recently turned 31 and hell yeah I didnt like it. Not because it changes anything for me physically or mentally. I still think, live, laugh and breathe the same way as I used to even when i was a 29 year old. But turning 31 or for that matter turning 30 changes a lot for people around you if and only if you are single. Its like you have been diagnosed with a terminal disease which cannot be cured . And when you turn 31 in the same state, then you've really had it.

It really doesnt matter, how well you are doing workwise, or what a great set of friends you have or how great you feel as a person, you still have a lot to feel bad for, actually a BIG lot to feel bad for. The relatives look at you with contempt (because you are setting a bad example for your younger cousins to follow especially if they look upto you in one way or the other), and they look at your parents with sympathetic eyes. Its the look of hopelessness. Its a scene straight out of a hindi film, where a surgeon comes out of an operation theater and tells the family that he tried his best and then he looks up at the ceiling and just shakes his head and walks off. Reasons I should marry vary from the fact that I wont find anybody good if I keep delaying to the biological clock ticking to the fact that my relatives really want to dance and party. HA. I cant say for sure what my mom feels when it happens to her but I can bet it cant be a good feeling. Poor woman, what all she has to put through for having a 31 year old single, just not ready to mingle kind of a daughter.

And for me the only reason for my single status is that I havent really found anyone who I think I can spend the rest of my life with. Now when you try and explain this to people around you, they give you a look of absolute disgust. The look of "Surely this cant be the reason".

I know, there are many people who would think that I am just being a brat and in my old age, when i would look at this blog (if I am still single), I would curse myself for being so difficult. But I can bet that there will be a few who would empathise with me for reasons only I and they are aware of. My advice to all my fellow sufferers is "life is too short so damn what the world says and live the way you want to. And lastly, when life hands you Lemons, ask for tequila and salt and call me over (this one I copy pasted from a forwarded mail but its so damn true)!

as a famous ANAND said it best - zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi...
keep rocking.
all the best from a 32 year old (who still behaves like a 18 year old) father of a 16 month daughter, happily married for the last 4and a half years..

That's an interesting perspective. We are actually going through a bit of a cultural backlash AGAINST being married before 30 over here. Many of us are beginning to feel that if you don't need children to help you work the farm, then it is irresponsible to have them before you have a solid career and can afford a stable home to raise them in. Beyond that, people CHANGE so MUCH between 18-21,21-25,25-28,28-30. It seems that, it isn't UNTIL you hit around 30 that our personalities sort of gel and we become who we will be for the next several decades. Isn't it only fair to wait until you know who you are before inflicting yourself on someone else? I say keep rocking the sexy single life.


I think this is one of the best blogs u have ever written! And yea..i am one of the few people who do understand ur reasons...

Tere brand ke words mein bole toh.."its YOUR life..make it large" ;-).. hehe..
Rock on..live ur life to the fullest..n f*&^ the world!!

Love u babe!:)

What the f@%*. We only get one life we should make the most of it. Live the way u want that what counts.

Damn. 31 and single. Oh God! How will India ever "progress". Shame

what you are 31!!!!!!!!!! and single!!!!!!!! shaadi nahi kittiiii!!!!!!????? haw!!!!

I usually don't read any blogs but this one is really good...don't know y today i thought of going on your blog. India may be progressing and touching new heights in terms of many things but the mentality of people sure needs to change....and on a funny note

hahahahahahaa....this should be sent to JK, AR, Shash, Babs, Randhir, setting example for cousins...hahahahahahahahaha...ruch u rock

for me you the same bubli character. Kaushal still sees the same khota in you and you will remain loveable to me
Kaushal who

Hi ruchi, if you remember I am kaushal. I hope my khota is well and enjoying life. I still love you and hope to see you some day

You never grow old, number dont matter your mental status does. I am just 56+ and never think as if i am more than 30.
change your approach

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