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Saturday, July 07, 2007 

How do you know that you love your job?

I have been meaning to write a blog for a long time but just couldnt think of anything interesting. Not that the current state of politics when our esteemed politicians have made a mockery of the presidential elections hasnt bothered me. But there is something, something more personal which has been bothering me. And I am trying to seek answers. May be writing this will help me to do that.

Question is: How do you know that you love your job?

Well, some would simply say that when every morning when you get up, you just cant wait to be in your office.. thats when u know that u love your job. So does that mean that when you dont feel this way, it means that u dont really love your job. Ay, without confusing you any further.... let me tell you how I look at my job and what role does it play in my life...

I remember rejecting jobs (well paid and that too in the beginning of my career) because I knew I just didnt want a job, which was boring and routined. I dont know how I got into advertising. May be purely by accident but its been 5 years and some months and I know that I belong here. So does that mean I love my job? Do I wake up in the morning with a feeling that Oh My God, I just cant wait to be at work? An honest answer would be... NO. I dont feel like that and I havent felt like that in a long time. AndI am trying to figure the reason. And the fact is that I am not even looking for a change or even contemplating it. But the passion and the love I should feel or may be the peace that I should feel with my job is missing. Is it because I am over-worked or is it because I have been working non-stop for the last 2 and a half years without a proper holiday? Really cant figure.

So I asked myself, why am I working? Is it for the money? May be yes but cant be the only reason. Is it because I dont want to be a burden on my parents. Most definitely yes... I cannot deal with a situation like especially when I am as old as I am. but is that the reason? Nope. So, is it because I love being busy, in the thick of action. Yes, ofcourse I have always been like that. And trust me my job provides me with enough of it. So here is situation, where I am working for a company, which is probably the best in the business, get paid reasonably well, have a great set of people to work with but still feel a huge need to question what I am doing and why am I doing it?

So while I was in the middle of this huge conflict in my head, I told myself that no matter what I would go to work smiling and try and stay that way. Its been 5 days and I can tell u that it has helped. If the solution was as simple as quitting and working somewhere else, trust me I would have done that by now. But the fact that I dont want to quit and still not feel sure, its good to work it out within my own head. Not that its a permanent solution because who knows... I would start feeling off a few days later...

So the question I pose to you guys is... what would you do if u were in my situation? Infact I think most of us are in a similar situation and I think its sad. Because when you spend most part of the day working, its important to enjoy what you do else you will perish...

I dont know if what I have just rattled off makes any sense but as I said, I am still seeking answers and may be you could help me with them....

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hey there...
you're right, most of us have been/ are in a similar situation.
i have no advice to offer, i can only share my experience.
when i get bored/get the feeling nothing's happening, i leave.
few months back, i realised i wasn't getting anything from mainstream advtg, so i decided to get into online advtg.
i dont know if it was the correct decision. i still dont. but i dont care.
what'll happen will happen.
so far the risk has been worth it, so let's see.

Hey Shubho

I guess u used the right word. "risk'. Follow your inner voice and then act on it. Easier said than done though. I guess only the brave manage to take the plunge.. Hats off to u.

my take is that never take life too seriously as u arnt going to come out of it alive...

live each day as u want to...just look for the school boy element in life...imagine yourslef as a 10 year old and life will be awesome...they look for only fun, girls have yet to enter their system...they are chilling out completly...u know me for over the last 2 years now...and thats the reson why i am cracking jokes and looking for the fun stuff, when others are bothering about finding the next big idea...

I will tell you why I love my job.

I come in at 11.

Pretend to work while I read.

Download movies using the office Internet connection.

Take naps now and then,

And then leave by 8.

Damn, I love my job.

Strangely enough, these are the reasons I hate it too.

Hey Ruch..
I feel if you love what you're doing thats all that matters.we all have days when we feel we hate our jobs...we all have times when we feel like we need a break and that its not worth it..but at the end of the day..though money is important...mental peace and satisfaction figures above it.Job satisfaction is the answer!!

love ur blog.
love u!

Hello Wuchi!

I think you are asking the right questions but I doubt if anyone else's answers will help you or should.

Another Wuchi

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