Sunday, May 31, 2009 

Take a bow Susan Boyle

You may have heard/read/seen and been enamored by the phenomenal success of Susan Boyle who eventually won the 2nd spot at the Britians got talent show. But for me, it reinstates once again how fickle the human mind is and how quickly we jump to conclusions without actually giving a chance to the other person. Ordinarily dressed, aged years beyond her good looking, energetic competitors, she walked onto the stage amidst boos, jibes and laughs from the ten odd thousand crowd. To put it simply, she looked unpolished. Even the three judge’s expressions were quite dismissive towards this woman, who surprisingly didn’t seem too perturbed. It was as though she had kind of anticipated it already. She announced to the audience that she wanted to become a professional singer and she was there to sing “I dreamed a dream”.

What followed afterwards was simply out of this world. Within a few seconds, the same dismissive crowd was stunned in silence as she sang with such extraordinary poise and grace. After she was done, every single person in that stadium was on their feet and gave applause only mega celebrities can ever dream off. One thing was clear…Susan Boyle had truly arrived onto the world stage. Even though she couldn’t win the finals but she had already won the hearts of millions of people who only live on hope.

While I may choose to live in my own superficially created world thinking and believing that everybody around is inferior but reality is completely different. People may have very average personalities/appearances but what lies underneath that is something I can’t even possibly dream off. And that’s the ability to make the most of what you have and not let anyone shatter what you truly believe in. She made me feel extremely ordinary.

Take a bow Susan Boyle. You flew so high with your dream and you put me back on my feet.

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