Saturday, April 28, 2007 


I love my country and I love it despite all its shortcomings because this is where I belong. And that’s precisely the reason everything about it affects me.

Lately I have been thinking as to why we have taken ages to progress, when other countries have reached development of a different level. Yes we have many things to blame. Politicians, corruption, bureaucracy, population, illiteracy etc. But is that all? Aren’t we to be blamed for it as well? Try and answer the following questions in true and false and I think you will get all your answers:

1. I have never bribed a traffic policeman, a MTNL linesman, the policeman who comes to verify for the passport, the guy who sits at the license office, the electrician to manipulate the wiring so that the bill is bare minimum and so many other such people because life is easier that way.

2. I find out ways to protest when I feel strongly against a government policy. I know the entire process of RTI and things like PIL so that I can utilize them in the best possible way. After all, it’s a matter of my country.

3. I never ever litter on the road. I have never rolled the window of my car down and thrown garbage out. It’s my home guys. I want to keep it clean.

4. I never break any traffic rules, never jumped the light, and never ever missed wearing the seat belt. And talking on the phone while driving. Are you kidding me?

5. I pay my electricity, water bills regularly as well as taxes with utmost honesty year after year without trying to fudge them.

6. I treat my fellow human beings with respect. I don’t look away when a beggar comes knocking on the window of my car. Yes I can’t change the life of everybody but I try and do my bit every now and then.

7. Doing charity which includes providing education to the poor is as much fun to me as going out for a drink every weekend. It gives me a high.

8. It upsets me when I look at broken pavements/roads/garbage lying around/bad traffic management and I seriously think of ways and means to improve it. I never shy away from voicing my opinion.

9. I always run to help somebody who has been hit/injured on the road. To hell with what I will face later, the life of a human being is far more important.

10. No matter how busy I am, I make sure that I cast my vote. This is one right I just love to exercise.

I am sure all of us would have valid reasons for our answers but the point is not to play the blame game but to look within ourselves and see what we have done to contribute towards the betterment of our country. The truth is that unless things do not affect us directly, we just sit and crib and wait for others to do their bit. No country can ever progress if they solely depend on their politicians. It’s the citizens of that country who make all the difference. So, think about it and see what you can do to make India a force to reckon with. Trust me, it will take just these 10 easy steps.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007 


I remember watching TV late on Monday nite when the news read….30 students killed at the Virginia Tech Campus by one of their fellow students. For starters, I didn’t register what I was reading. But it didn’t take me much to realize the gravity of a tragedy, which I think will haunt me for a long long time.

You would wonder why it is affecting me so much. Even I never thought that an incident, which has taken place thousands of miles away from me, would affect me the way it has? But I just can’t seem to shrug this off just because it didn’t happen to anybody I knew. Just the mere thought of it sends shivers down my spine. And I ask myself… why?

May be because it involved young kids dying, kids with dreams and aspirations like any one of us. May be because, this tragedy had no basis to it.

May be because when incidents like these happen, I start to wonder if there is God. And if there is, does he feel the same amount of pain the families of these victims would be feeling? And if the answer is yes, then how come he let it happen? He for sure wouldn’t have thought that these young kids deserved to die. Then, what lesson was he trying to teach? What good is going to come out of it? Or may be I am being too hard on him because he doesn’t teach us to be violent. He doesn’t tell us to take lives of other human beings. He doesn’t spread hatred in our heads. So then, why do incidents like these happen?

Questions, questions and more questions. Unfortunately, these will not find too many answers. Because in my head, there is no justification for something like this. Those kids are gone………….forever. The pain their loved ones are going through will remain forever, just like the questions that are stuck in my head.

All we can do is to pray to God for these kids for their souls to rest in peace and give their families the strength to cope with a tragedy like this…but I am still thinking why?????


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