Tuesday, January 08, 2008 

Aussies go down-under

I am sure all of you must have been affected by the recent India-Australia controversy in some way or the other, even if you are not a big cricket fan. I for one am extremely angry about the entire thing and am in fact running out of vocabulary to express my anger.

What happened two days ago was certainly not cricket. I was a very bad loser even when I used to play with friends. And honestly speaking, who likes to lose. But to degrade yourself to that level despite being world champions is not only shameful but also a bad sign for the game. I don’t blame them for the umpiring errors and neither do I blame them for wanting to win the game badly. This is the way they play the game. But when the creators of sledging, racism, abusive language start to get all sensitive about being called a monkey (by the way, the umpires didn’t hear it, neither did Tendulkar but the entire Australian team seems to have heard it), then you know its a desperate situation. And Hogg calling Kumble a bastard is no big deal since its coming from an Australian player.

The batsmen not walking despite knowing they are out is again no big deal. Everybody does it all the time. But not taking a clean catch and being dishonest about it is a different ball game altogether. And umpires’ not using technology and instead checking with Ponting is even better. Not that the technology would help considering the third umpire had a temporary blindness attack as well when he was asked to make a decision.

The ICC again reprimanding an Asian player is not shocking at all. We all know how that organization works and who are they reporting into. But unlike the other times, our board didn’t take this lying down and thankfully took a stand for the team.

Whatever is the final decision on the tour remains to be seen. But this should give enough fodder to our team, who till now has played quite ordinary cricket. Yes, we could have saved the last match if it wasn’t for all that bullshit that happened but comeon guys, we have gone there to win and not draw matches. So to all the passionate Indian cricket lovers, lets save some of our prayers for our countrymen, who have in a way hurt the Australians mentally. What remains to be seen is how bad they are going to hurt them on the field. I for one is hoping that its going to be really really bad.

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