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Thursday, August 31, 2006 


Have u seen what’s happening in our country lately or have u just closed your eyes to it because it doesn’t effect you anymore. Well, since my eyes and ears are wide open, I just can’t help but feel a deep sense of shame, disgust and anger. A few days ago, a professor was beaten to death by students aided by BJP or Congress (who cares??? Aren’t they all pieces of *&^%) in broad daylight, while the entire police force stood there watching the proceedings as though it was an event which just needed their presence but no action.

What is happening to us? We let Gujarat riots happen, we let politicians decide which movies will be shot or released in this country, we let them decide what women will wear to college, which national song will be played in schools and now we have let them kill an innocent man just because he postponed university elections? And we then shamelessly call ourselves a open, secular culture, which accepts almost everything that comes its way.

Those, who have taken the pain to read this think about it for a moment. Do you want to be a part of a country, where democracy only exists in books? Do you want to be a part of a society, which kills people basis their cast, religion? Do you want to let these goons in the disguise of politicians ruin our country like this and then just keep mum because it hasn’t affected your lives so far?

I am sure, majority of you will say no but it’s not just about realizing it and forgetting about it. Next time when you step out to vote, think about these things, because whether we like it or not, we are in a way responsible for this menace. We voted for these guys and gave them the power they possess today. Let’s not make voting a chore we have to perform every few years.

This country was not built overnight. We are one of the oldest civilizations in the world, with thousands of years of history and culture which taught us to forgive and forget, to be humble and caring in every respect and to be civil to one and all. No political party, individual can ruin all that was built all these years with such ghastly acts.

Let’s teach them a lesson which will not be forgotten for ages to come. Lets for once make our VOTE count....

Our doesn't count much.. as you have suggested it is a minority... so the nos will be minimum.. moreover how many people boycott voting as one has to choose from murderes to rape guys, Gundas, .. well there is not much choice aint it?
police is just an extension of the Govt. which you have mentioned. It doen't have a backbone (pun intended). Then there are IAS officers and IPS officers who has had the ill luck of saluting the likes of Lallu bhais. Great Country. The real haves and have nots are here... The best people have nothing and the worst guys have everything. THE GREAT INDIAN IRONY!

So do we believe that the vast majority of people in India are gundas, rapists, murderers?

Do we believe that only we, the so called educated class, know what's good for our country?

Actually we are impotent not because we are a minority. We are weak not because our vote cannot decide the outcome of an election. We are weak because we are not passionate enough, not fanatical enough.

True the police watched silently as the students killed the professor. But they did risk something. Their lives, their careers. They were fanatical in their intensity of thought, and action. Albeit for a wrong cause.

And as long as we, the so called creamy layer of this country, don't become as fanatical about preserving the true nature of our nation. As long as we are not as passionate about defending justice, these acts will continue to happen.

I am not asking people to take to the streets with guns and knifes. I am talking about sacrifice.

What are we ready to sacrifice for our country?

hey ruch!..
Gud post..
I agree it's high time we made our vote count.But like dracu...pointed out,we have to choose from among leaders who are all corrupt in someway or the other.
I would like to quote an example here.In the 1996 Lok Sabha Elections,out of the 13,952 candidates...1500 had criminal records..which included dacoities,murder,rape & extortion.Inspite of this,40 of these candidates were actually elected.
The point I'm making here is more than just exercising our voting right,the youth need to join hands & come up to help the nation by joining politics n national services.Agreed everyone would feel it's filthy business & here I remember that dialouge from RDB "Ghar ki safai mein apne haath kaun gande kare?"..but we HAVE to step up.The educated & progressive citizens have to take over & uproot this menace that the illiterate,corrupt & selfish politicians have created.

Keep blogging!:)take care

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