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Saturday, April 22, 2006 

How disciplined are we????

I am one of those whiney characters, who dont miss out on an opportunity to crib about corruption, under development, indiscipline at the slightest of provocation. I guess it comes from the fact that I do the small things right.

What are these small things, which if not done right end up making big issues.

As citizens of this country, what do we do to make this place worth living. I see people spitting on the road and it gives me such a disgusting feeling. Earlier I used to think that such a practise was restricted to only the uncivilized, illiterate population but the more I see it happening, the more sure i get that this is done by the so called well educated, well to do people who dont think twice before opening their mouth and letting the crap fall on the ground.

And its not restricted to just that. Its about insane driving, changing lanes like there is no tomorrow, jumping the red light as if it's the 'in' thing, peeing on the roads, Littering while driving/walking, et cetra et cetra.

What is it that makes people do it? Are we so consumed in our own world that we dont realise what we are doin or we just dont give a damn??????

Whatever the reason may be, it does ensure that Delhi will never be what our ancestors intended it to be ( actually I dont even know what their intentions were). But we really need to dig deep and understand that the reason western countries look beautiful and clean because their people take pride in the place they live. Whatever their government may do or say, whether they agree with their policies or not, they ensure that none of their frustrations should be taken out on the roads or any of the public places. In other words, they dont look for excuses to mess up their own country.

The question is, can we also start following their example? As we set out to become a global power, can we start doing the basics right? Can we feel a sense of pride for our country? Can we also try and set examples for other countries to follow? Can we stop using our culture as our best weapon(isnt that what we do when somebody asks us about India. Oh, we have an amazing culture) and start to look like a country which is on its way to super stardom.

Because, if we start to do all this, we will be the final beneficiaries. The point is are we all ready to start? Well, I am....

i completely agree..we as citizens have certain responsibilties & unless we do our part & carry out our duties,we have absolutely no right to complain about how the govt is doing...
btwn..im so glad u strtd posting agn....keep it going!:)

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