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Wednesday, May 03, 2006 

Bijlee aur paani, humaree dilii key yahee kahani.

I am back with some more cribbing, some more whining because thats what I enjoy doing the most. Just kidding, but only about the enjoyment bit.

Why I do it is easy to explain. More so, when every nite, just as I am ready to hit the bed, electricity starts to play games with me. It teases me, irritates me and ensures that by the end of it, I get so tired of the rage and anger I feel, that I just fall off to sleep.

After being restless all nite, I wake up in the morning and I am told to take a bath with whatever water is available. This basically means ‘one bucket’. At least the concept of taking a shower doesn’t exist in my house.

Its 8 and I am still at work. Called home and got to know there is no electricity. At least, there is at work. I have been trying to figure out ways and means to deal with these problems. May be I should wear shorts to sleep. Then what do I do about the mosquitoes?? May be I should open all the windows of the house and sleep? But then what do I do about the daily dust storm?? May be I shouldn’t sleep at all but then that’s what happens anyway.

Dealing with the water problem doesn’t have any solution. I need to have a bath everyday. Not for anybody else but myself. May be I shouldn’t drink 8 glasses of it everyday even though its supposed to be good for my health. May be I should not vote next time when there are elections.

May be I should stop cribbing now because I am not getting anywhere with it. May be you guys can help me by sending some suggestion. I am sure u guys face a similar situation since all of us stay in the CAPITAL of this country.

Hai kuch idea????

I know the situation is bad & yea..considering we live in the capital city,the state of affairs can be described as nothing but SAD..plain sad!
I can't think of any immediate solutions to your problem...but let me tell you,not voting is worse than having a wrong guy running the govt.
Anyhow..I guess Delhi ke har ghar ki yahi kahani hai...so..sweat it out!!
Take care.

Tch tch tch bechari Ruchika... Listen if u wanna stay at home, I've 3 suggestions for u:

1 - Buy an inverter - a slightly expensive one will ensure that all the fans & maybe even a cooler can run for atleast 3 hours non-stop!!

2 - Buy a water pump.

U know u aren't the only one going thru this ordeal - we are all in it together... so chill things'll be better soon - once our esteemed ministers wake up n realise that Delhi needs it's power more than @#$%ing UP so we'll stop supplying them the same & we'll have more electricity - & once it starts raining (i.e. in just abt 2 months time)... there'll be water everywhere..... u wouldn't even know where to step since all the roads, gaali, kuche everything will be semi-submerged in pure aqua

One more solution just for u:

Crib karna Bas karo yaar kyunki, You wrk in a Frech Multinational with 24 hours electricity back-up and air-conditioning (just let the guard know after 7 ok?) and also a state-of-the art gym in the basement with showering area that has a 24-hours water supply.

So ther u go - just live in the office this summer - aur kya chahiye - 24 ghantey AC hai, 29" Plasma TV hai, cable connection hai/DVD bhi hai, soney ko komal bean bags hain, games khel ne ko comps hain, music ke liye lime wire hai - i think i've solved all ur probs now...

So chill, chill just chill...

C u soon in office!

Maybe you can bathe in your sweat resolving dilemmas 3 and 4
and you can sleep at work, it's off season right now
resolving dilemmas 1 and 2

And when both seem unsatisfactory you can spray some deo and get a boyfriend. Resolving the larger problem of staying at home.
And solving dilemmas 1-4.

Shoejoy - you are either a deo salesman or want to be ruch's boyfriend.

Please make your intentions clear.

Hey Anon, well said my friend.

Shujoy: Would you like to clarify???

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