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Saturday, May 13, 2006 


When I saw this picture in today's newspaper, it disturbed me a bit to see my fellow citizens facing such a stiff reaction from policemen but at the same time I felt proud of being in something together and fighting for something which we feel so passionate about.

As our politicians get ready to divide our country into pieces, we the youth of this country are getting together to ensure that this greedy bunch doesn’t succeed. Chances are, they still might, in the name of democracy and even though I dread the day, this ruling will get implemented, somewhere I feel united with all the Indians who are slowly but surely getting together to fight this menace called politics.

When politicians talk about equal rights and opportunities for all, I really want to ask each one of them and that includes Mr. Arjun Singh as to how many times have they stepped out of their comfort zone and tried to understand the problems we feel(Barring their campaign visits in their respective constituencies).

I want to ask Mr. Arjun Singh, how much effort has he made to understand the education system, where it is headed to and where all he needs to work upon. I want to ask him what all steps have been taken to ensure quality primary education for all of the Indians. I want to ask him how he thinks quota will help when, majority of the minority community finds it tough to even get through their first few years in school? I also want to ask how India has so far benefited from the previous quotas that were implemented.

If he is able to answer even 50% of my questions, I might be able to(might) understand the decision he has taken but I doubt he or even our PM, Mr. Manmohan Singh will have any answers. Right now, they are too busy to find ways to stay in power for as long as they can. For them, the welfare of the common man means nothing. They came to power to ensure that they stay there, make millions and ensure a comfortable life for their next 3-4 generations.

And by the looks of it, they are on the road to success. But that won’t stop me or those who feel disappointed in the entire system fighting for our rights because we don’t want to get used to a more mediocre life than what we already have.

We deserve better because we are slated to become an economic superpower. And when that day arrives, we want to see the progress on road, in villages, in each and every home and not just on paper.

As Prasoon Joshi penned it so beautifully...... kee aag hai mujhmein kaheen....

The picture maybe dramatic, but they are being fired at by a water canon, for God's sake. I don't see anyone braving bullets or even lathis for a cause. And even if they do, they hardly make headlines.

Hello Mr. Idle Thoughts

It seems u either dont read the papers or u simply dont care. Either ways, its sad...

It's a shame that we live in a country where one has to fight like this - for a basic right to education...

We all have been through the time (when we were in 10-11th standards) when we were deciding on which stream we were going to choose & what we were going to become by selecting that particular stream.

I took up biology & maths in my 11th std & boy did i try hard to get thru those numerous entrances!! But guess what? while in the CBSE med exam result list my ranking was 2000 (that's not so bad ok since it's all India ranking), one of my class mates's ranking was 654 - although her total score was about a 1000 pts less than mine.. Guess why??? She was in the SC list.

So imagine how it feels when you get the same education, study just as hard & are probably much more intelligent than the person who made just coz they were born a certain caste.

I am proud of being a Jat & Jats fall under the OBC category BUT since we fall in the so-called 'creamy layer', we are not eligible for this kind of a reservation - that's fair!! BUT why doesn't this rule apply to these SC/STs? Is the govt & the likes of Mr.Arjun Singh & our esteemed Prime Minister. who has been often refered to as the great Economist, blind to all this injustice?

Sure you want to help India progress & give opportunities to those who don't have the kind of resources we do BUT that's what it should be na... Help those who do not have the resources/the opportunity - help those who can not afford higher education - give quota to ppl below a certain economic level...

If u want to help the SC/ST & the OBCs, then provide them free primary & secondary education. Make them worthy of appearing in & clearing these entrances! After all we don't want doctors who can't even pronounce, leave alone spell the medications they prescribe!

And the BTW, Idle thoughts, these students ARE braving water canons, lathi charges, tear gases & are getting arrested - all becoz some morons we elected some time back are trying to win over the votes of some segments so that they can stay in power longer & carry on more of such injustices...

Well said Racs,

Also want to share a startling fact with u all. Just uploaded a notice I came across. Read it and u will realise what they really mean when they talk about uplifiting the poor.

It's shocking to say the least... dunno how our govt can be this dumb yaar...

We are being ruled by IDIOTS!!! Gawd get me outta here - but then i don't have a passport so i'm stuck here forever..........

On a serious note, wonder what the families of these politicians - their grandchildren & neices & nephews have to say about all this - they are gonna suffer too.. don't they question these idiots & don't these idiots ever wonder how these kids will achieve their goals in life? How???

nice write up there Ruchi! We appreciate that you are voicing your concern in this regard. Keep up the good work- let us know if you need any kind of help in this regard.

hey Ruchi..
couldn't agree with you anymore.
This is just Politics at its worst.The politicians just care about building their vote banks.I know it's not rational & an extreme measure,but god forbid,if this legislation is enacted,I hope someone DOES murder arjun singh like they murdered the defence minister in Rang De Basanti.

I mean,I always wanted to stay in India for my education.But now,I'm sure I wanna go abroad.Besides,now I honestly don't care about brain drain.I think all of us should just find jobs abroad & let Arjun Singh's OBCs bring laurels to the country & make it progress!

Keep posting!!..

Reservation is good if it is in the basis of income and not caste. THis bloddy caste system and religious divisions are and absurdity in the first place... because we say ourselves, or rather the politicians and constitution says that India is a secular nation.

Reservation is good if it is in the basis of income and not caste. THis bloddy caste system and religious divisions are and absurdity in the first place... because we say ourselves, or rather the politicians and constitution says that India is a secular nation.

Hi guys

Thanks so much for being a part of this revolt. I am going to be a part of the protest march which will be held tomorrow at 10 at Jantar Mantar. Would urge u all to come and participate in this great cause.

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